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Episode 72 – Shall we play a game?


Join Ed, Sean and Kris for their usual Flight Deck chatting (slight spoilers for some of the new High Republic books but nothing I think is a real spoiler…) then we try to pick a computer game for us to all play together that could be fun to listen to and/or allow us to be a little more engaged than we are in out Vassal Games.

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X-Wing: Why You Should Fly 8 TIE/fo’s

In something of a mirror to my X-Wing: Should I Fly It? Series on YouTube, this series gives some thoughts on a squad and explains why I think you should fly it, be it for competitive strength or pure fun, or a crazy combination of the two.

Kicking off the series we have the FO/cho list, 8 Epsilon Squadron Cadets.
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Understanding Your Win Condition In X-Wing (Who’s The Beatdown) – by Travis Johnson

Logo_cropped.pngThere have been a few MTG articles that, at the time I read them in the early 2000s, really made me sit back and reflect on how I played the game. Not like mechanics of playing magic itself, but rather the idea of making decisions within any game.

“Who’s the beatdown” is one of those, and we have addressed it loosely on the podcast before because it has become so ubiquitous in competitive gaming. I could simply link to the relevant articles (which are linked at the bottom), but I’m not sure that’s enough: first, most of these articles are heavily steeped in their own gaming vernacular, making it hard to follow in some cases if you don’t play those games; and second, as most of the articles are referencing card games, some aspects simply do not apply.

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