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Games Workshop Contrast Paints – Part 5

Kris is back with another look at the Games Workshop Contrast Paint line.
In part 5 of the ongoing series he looks at some interesting ways of getting the most out of the fewest paints possible to give good variety whilst keeping up the pace for batch painting some Nurgle Daemons.

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Crusty Brushes: Necromunda Nostalgia Part 1

If you are old enough to feel nostalgia, you’re old enough to die in a futuristic hell world of your own making…

At about 12 years old I developed a life long gaming addiction, beginning with Dungeons and Dragons and eventually increasing to encompass the fantastical imaginary worlds of so many other role-playing games, by about age 14, I found that I had gained another, related but far more specialized addiction…painting miniatures.

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