The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Review – Part 1

Modiphius’ Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, is an adventure wargame game for 1+ players, in this deep dive review series Kris will be taking a look at the game and what is currently on offer.

Part 1 focuses on the core rules box.

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X-Wing: Why You Should Fly 8 TIE/fo’s

In something of a mirror to my X-Wing: Should I Fly It? Series on YouTube, this series gives some thoughts on a squad and explains why I think you should fly it, be it for competitive strength or pure fun, or a crazy combination of the two.

Kicking off the series we have the FO/cho list, 8 Epsilon Squadron Cadets.
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Games Workshop Contrast Paints – Part 4

Well, this took a little longer than I expected, and whilst some of it was due to idiocy on my part (forgetting to take pictures at important stages…) I will shift some of the blame onto having to complete some painting commissions that had the deadlines shifted around…

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Review: Monster Fight Club – Pre Painted Scenery

Hey folks,
Something a little bit different for this piece as its an unbiased straight up review of a product for the Sentry Box, that I didn’t buy, but not to worry, I have to return all of these goodies to the store to go in to the terrain room for when we can all get together for games again, so hopefully, people can try it out themselves soon enough.

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