Power Ranger: Heroes of the Grid – A look to the future

Guest writer Nam-My is back with another article, this time looking at the recent Power Rangers kickstarter from  Renegade Game Studios and how the game can grow.

When I first backed Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, all I wanted was to relive a part of my childhood. If the game was decent, and I could convince people to play a few times that would be enough for me. Fortunately, the game has been more than decent, a fact that has been well documented, but looking further it’s clear that Power Rangers was designed with infinite expandability. 

If you’re not familiar with the game, players choose individual rangers who each have a unique deck and an enemy deck that spawns foot troopers (based on locations), two monsters, and a boss. Each Foot Trooper, Monster, and Boss has a unique deck and each one can be swapped in and out before a new game. This platform allows Renegade Games to keep releasing new content that exponentially increases the number of possibilities and combinations into an already tight and thematic gameplay experience. 

I recently started sleeving all of my cards for my group’s second play session. It’s not often that a $250 Kickstarter pledge exceeds its monetary value, but in this case, there are hundreds of unique combinations already available. Our group can play the game plus the expansion for the next six months without ever having the same experience.


The full spread of the cards in the Kickstarter. I ordered 300 sleeves and ran short halfway through

Even more impressive is just how thematic the content is. Power Rangers fans will love every aspect from the art to the abilities that mirror the character/villain’s on-screen actions. It’s an overused term, but you feel like you’re playing the Red Ranger, or against Lord Zedd. To be clear, these concepts are not new to games but the combination of thematic, well designed, expandable and most importantly fun game, it boosts the value of buying into the game. 



Time will tell how long Renegade will continue to add content to Power Rangers, but if the second Kickstarter is any indication this game will have content for years to come and our playgroup will be tuned in to each new release.

If you want to see more of what Renegade Game Studios has planned for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid make sure you keep an eye on their website.


– Nam-My Le is tabletop convert most known for his work with the Carolina Krayts X-Wing podcast. He spends his spare time trying to work through his Kickstarter backlog and spending Zoo Days with Kris Sheriff.

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