Fantasy Flight Games World Championship 2017 – A Game of Thrones round up

Fantasy Flight Games World Championships Sat Nov 4th, 2017
With the conclusion of the A Game of Thrones he week of gaming rolls on.
I am sat in the FFG Games Center as people line up to challenge national champions from around the globe and generally enjoy the atmosphere of the event.

Both days of AGoT were a huge success, the echoes of the transition from 1st edition well and truly dispelled.  I was at worlds for the launch of 2ndedition and bought in then.  There was a lot of excitement about the bloat of the game being removed and starting again with a blank slate and a whole host of new fans of the HBO show clambering to spend their money on related products.

The success of the game was a fairly safe bet but the aplomb with which FFG carried it out was, in my opinion a lesson in how this kind of edition change should be handled.
There are very few people in the scene now who grumble about games passed, and the (much) lower barrier for entry ensures that they always have new opponents to face.
All of that equates to a hugely popular game drawing in players from all over the world to compete for what is often quoted as the best prize in gaming, the ability to work with the designers to design your own card.

Day 1a

Day 1b
The Faction Breakdown from the first days is interesting, each flight had one stand out Faction with Martel and Greyjoy being the most popular and Lannister coming in 2nd for representation on both days.
This lead in to an interesting Day 2 with seemingly no one faction being over represented given their starting numbers.  The only faction that could be said to have unperformed being House Stark given its starting percentage of the player base.
As we progress on to the Top 16, obviously player skill and match ups starts to weigh in much more and, yet Greyjoy, Lannister and Tyrell hold their percentage of the representation whilst Martell and Nights Watch fall off slightly allowing Stark and Targaryen to gain ground at the top end of the standings.

The most popular Agenda through the event was The Rains of Castamere, that said I am currently watching an epic game featuring Alliance of which I believe there was only one of at the event, and it’s in a Baratheon deck that made it all the way to the Top 32.

Congratulations goes out to Reinhard Schefcik who took the event becoming the 2017 World Champion with his Targaryen Deck, running The Lord of the Crossing and yet another win for Europe.

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