Guess Who’s Back!

Kris is back, tell a friend!

Hi all,

So I woke up today and thought I should probably have a shower and get ready for work…
Obviously that can wait as I sit her planning my triumphant return to pseudo journalism/blogging/reviewing stuff/adding to the random crap that fills the internet.

When I started this blog it was purely as a requirement to writing over on Bell of Lost Souls, I would hash out an article idea, blast through it on here, hit post and then re-read it a day later, edit it and put it in the queue for BoLS and then give myself a pat on the back.

Obviously the main content for this page has been X-Wing and since starting to write about it I have found myself as a guest and then co-host of the NOVA Squadron Radio Podcast (love you guys!) and that is one of the things I wanted to address in this article.

I still love X-Wing, I still think about new builds and look at the new reveals and have ideas but I don’t get to play anymore.  Between my move to Cold Lake, AB and my work schedual preventing me from traveling back to Calgary or any other places for event I felt that I am lacking in credentials to actually talk about and give advice to people about X-Wing.

This is what I passed on to the guys over at BoLS as I didn’t want to do this half assed, I only want to give you guys content that is helpful, informative and fun to read.

I’m getting there honest…
Whilst I have plans in motion to hopefully makes some changes in my life I wanted to jump back on the horse.  There is a lot going on in gaming at the moment and I want to be around to cover it.
I want to try to step up this blog in to something bigger, No Click Bait just Content.
This is not going to happen overnight and it may never be what I want it to be but as I type this out I honestly feel a little excited.  I am going to throw the training wheels away and whilst there will still be X-Wing content, I am hoping to add in more.

I play Armada, Imperial Assault, Malifaux, Warhammer, 40K, Epic, I could go on and on.  its not just Table Top, I want to bring in some of my other hobbies too, so maybe a bit of E-Sports coverage and stuff on the hobby aspects too.

Thats about it for my ranting but please come back, I promise there will be something new to read in a day or two and then we will see how far I can take this idea of mine!

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