X-Wing: OMG I have a lot of typing to do………

Feel free to skip this one as its a bit of a ramble but he goes.

Hi Guys,

It has been a while since I actually felt like I could sit and write something productive as I have a lot going on IRL at the minute.

Despite the real life crap I have been messing around trying to get as many games of X-Wing in as I can and trying things out for the many random blog post ideas I have.

All the while I have been waiting for more info on Rebel Aces and Wave 5 to hit.  I have purposely not covered much about them as I like to give you guys a considered opinion rather than just copy and past stuff from other sources.  Now there is nothing wrong with that kind of blogging but when I started this blog I didn’t want to generate traffic through spam I want the people who come here to have something to sit, read, digest and then have something to think about and chat about with their group or whatever.

So as I had planned to do two posts one about the A-Wing and then the B-Wing and what changes Aces will bring in and then FFG did the reveals on more stuff for Wave 5, and then GenCon happened…

So, I either have to adapt or fall behind!

I did have the plan to do at least one post every week and try to not do more than one in a day when I started out.  This is still the plan and while I will try to put out more content I am going to aim for quality over quantity.

I will also be trying to she dual posts from now on rather than just posting once I am done so that you guys can check back and see the updates and know what is going on.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited the page.

I hit 5000 Views and considering I only really started the blog as a place to save my work in progress stuff for BoLS hitting that many Views in under Two Months felt really good!

Thanks for reading and for visiting the Page!

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