X-Wing: Battle Report Twin Defenders v Twin Falcons

Here we are again, taking the time to write another X-Wing Battle Report featuring the Wave 4 Ships.

As I said in the last battle report I wanted to try the two Defender list against a two Falcon list and Gill was happy enough to give the Falcons a go. (Although she was not happy with two of them as we are both Fluff Bunnies at heart…)

So jumping right in to the action I was going to use the same list as our last game;

TIE Defender Swarm

Rexler Brath (51)
TIE Defender (37), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Push the Limit (3), Engine Upgrade (4)
Colonel Vessery (47)
TIE Defender (35), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4)

98 points

Same plan as before, but for those who missed it.  Veteran Instincts makes bot Ships Pilot Skill  8 whilst Push the Limit should let Brath get Focused Target Locks at the right time while Vessery just needs to Focus and then get his free Target Lock if he shoots at the same target that Brath locks on too.

The Heavy Laser Cannons allow me to just roll 4 dice all the time with the plan being to try to hold range, take advantage of my High Agility while I chip away at the enemy.

Gill’s list was the following list;

Han And Chewie Get Busy

Han Solo (52)
YT-1300 (46), Swarm Tactics (2), Engine Upgrade (4)
Chewbacca (49)
YT-1300 (42), C3-PO (3), Engine Upgrade (4)

101 points

So as you can see due to our poor math skills she was a point over but it was not a big deal for our friendly game (Honest it was friendly…) for the future however Swarm Tactics would be dropped and Chewie would gain either Veteran Instincts or the Falcon title.

Not really a hard list to figure out, if they can stay close together Swarm Tactics passes the Pilot Skill 9 for shooting letting them both fire before my Defenders and 3P0 should do his think to keep Chewie alive even longer.

Gill was not overly familiar with the Falcon but was happy to throw them down confidant that with her 360 Degree arch of fire she would be fine.

Asteroids and Deployment

With the Imperials having initiative I placed the largest asteroid just off center of the table wanting to stop the Falcons from just sitting in the center and picking me off.  Gill then started making a channel for her to fly along and we ended up with a line from the left in to the center with two lose asteroids.  Chewie was deployed in the center and I stuck both ships down in the face off again but this time more to the left flank while Han deployed on the far right.

Turn 1

Just a warning the early turns were quite as we both jostled for position with Chewi advancing but failing his boost as it would have placed him just on to the asteroid and Han starting to cut in.

My Defenders headed to the left with me being about 1mm out with my guess thistime for getting them to line up in formation.

Turn 2

Knowing that the gentle 1 would lead to a crash for Chewie he did a hard left and then boosted while Han rushed down behind me.

The Defenders turned up my left flank with Vessery doing a Gentle One and then another Gentle One with the Boost Action and Brath pulling a Hard Three and then a Boost for a Gentle One.  at this point I did start to wonder if I should cut in as I was not getting the positioning I wanted and didn’t want to gift her my rear for the opening shooting.

Turn 3

In the end, I decided to stick with the plan of swinging up in to the Rebel deployment area and trying to drag the Falcons back through the Asteroids.

Unfortunately this time I misjudged my bank and landed on an asteroid, losing my action and allowing Han to catch up enough to get a shot off, luckily he did no damage and I survived the collision with no damage too.

Turn 4

As I had been caught last turn I needed to adapt a new plan as I had been planning to do a K-Turn this round and come back along hand for a strafing run but I would be to far back down the table now and with Chewbacca lining up along the bottom table edge I decided to cut across in to the channel.

Both Falcons fired on Brath this round stripping all 3 of his shield off and I had no shots.

Turn 5

This round Gill misjudged her turn with Han going for a Hard One rather than the Hard Two and clipped the asteroid giving me a fair amount of breathing space.

Both Defenders Pulled the K-Turn this round with Brath Pushing the Limits to Target Lock and Focus on Han while Vessery just Focused.  With no shooting from Han both Defenders opened up with Vessery firing first for the Free Target Lock from his card text and between them they managed to strip all five shields and one hull point from Han so I was feeling a little better about the early play for position as another round of shooting like that and my troubles would be over…

Chewie took his Range 3 shot through the asteroid at Brath but only got one hit which was easily evaded on five dice.

Turn 6

Chewie turned up the table whilst I did a K-Turn with Vessery and Focused whilst Brath just did a Two Ahead to clear his stress and Target Locked Han.

Hans bank off the Asteroid left him in arch of both Defenders so Gill chose discretion and boosted to clear Braths fire arch but it did cut down on her offensive options with no Focus on Han.

This round the Dice gods mocked Gill a little with Chewbacca having Focussed he rolled all misses and Han’s Shooting was 3 Focus so the re-roll was used resulting in two hits which made it through Brath’s Evade roll had they been the other way around he would have been dead!

My shooting on the other hand had Vessery putting 3 hits on to Han leaving him with 4 Hull Points remaining.

Turn 7

This time I decided that I needed to try to keep Brath alive to ensure his Target Lock was still there for Vessery to take advantage of and managed to crash him in to Chewie while Vessery did a nice slow bank behind Han to ensure that he would not be getting out of his arch.

In the Combat Phase Han took what was to prove to be his last shot of the game and even with focus and his reroll only took one shield off of Vessery whilst the return fire got all 4 hits through with the Heavy Laser Cannon and sent Han to the dead pile!

Chewie’s shot at Vessery missed completely leaving it as a 2v1 even though Brath only had 1 Hit left.

Turn 8

Gill decided that she was tired of running and K-Turned with Chewie to put her in to a Head to Head with Brath who had pulled a One Bank ready to boost if I needed to chase one direction or the other but took the Target Lock instead just incase he managed to live…
As I had completely miss read what Gill would do with Chewbacca Vessery was way out of position as I had expected her to run up the Table back towards her table edge.

Shooting happened with Brath stripping 3 Shields from Chewie as Gill got Greedy with C-3PO guessing at 1 Evade and Rolling 0.  The return fire did put 4 Hits on to Brath who didn’t even bother to try to evade and exploded.

Turn 9

The only move left open too me really was to cut in to the table with a Hard Turn adding Stress to Vessery whilst Chweie headed in to the table again.

In the Combat Phase Vessery managed to land 3 hits on to Chewie but took one in return leaving him with 1 Shield and 3 Hull remaining compared to the 7 Hull left on the Falcon.

Turn 10

With the thoughts of No guts, No Glory i took a gamble and went for a Hard 3 in to the table while Chewie burst over the Asteroid to get some open table to fly in.

My hard turn left me still Stressed and just short of a collision so I opened up with some Range Band 1 Shots (still 4 dice and its not like I could Crit Chewie anyway…) with 2 Hits getting through after 3PO did his thing.  The return Fire took the last Shield down from the Defender and i decided that I didn’t want to be in Range Band One anymore!

Turn 11

Gill had obviously had the same thoughts as she banked off hoping that I would have either turned to chase her, in which case she would have been out of arch or that I would just be not moving as fast as I did.

Knowing that i wanted to clear my stress and would be unlikely to get a shot this round I went for the complete disengage with the 5 ahead and a boost as well.  Meaning that Gill had now shot either.

Turn 12

Getting more comfortable with the Falcon’s dial and Large base Gill went for the Three Bank and then the Boost to move a lot father than I expected her to meaning that I would be running the gauntlet of the asteroids to get to her.

As I had pulled the K-Turn I just Boosted to get in to a better position to avoid the rocks next turn but we still had no shooting.

Turn 13

Gill again went for the Three Bank taking cover behind the asteroid, unfortunately my orientation after my bank meant that closes to closes there was no cover so I took the target lock and got 3 Hits and decided not to spend my lock.

With C-3PO ignoring one of the hits Chewie was left with 3 Hull points while even with the Focus Gill missed completely with her 3 attacks.

Turn 14

At this point I think that Gill let frustration at her attack dice get the better of her and instead of Boosting went for a Target Lock on my which allowed me to take bank in and Focus giving me a Target Locked and Focused attack on her.

With only 3 Hit Points left one both of our ships it was a tense turn but with Vessery firing first he managed to land all four hits thanks to his Target Lock and Focus.  Gill called the 1 Evade result she would need with 3PO to survive but promptly rolled a blank to end the game.

Final Thoughts
Well that was a long slog but again the 2 Defenders came out on top.  I do think there was a bit of luck involved  but mainly the error of landing Han on the Asteroid and losing his shooting really cost her.

I am really liking the 2 Defenders and with a bit of fancy flying they are a lot more viable than I thought they would be.

Honest time now though, this was the second game we played for the battle report as in the first game I deployed facing off against Han intending to focus him early and Gill just took my stuff off in 5 Turns for 0 losses!  We both decided that a bit of a longer game would be better for a battle report and reset and I went back to my more passive opening moves.  So I do think that you need to pick at thinks with this list to make it work but we will be playing the decider soon and I will let you all know how we get on!

Again, thanks for reading people and let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this game or let me know what else you would like to see, more Defender games or is it time to bring out the Phantom?

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