X-Wing: Regionals 2014

So it’s that time of year and if I am going to write about it I suppose I should put my money where my mouth is…
So I am off to the local regional tournament tomorrow and with all the thinking about Wave 4, playing too much League of Legends and trying to spend some time with my Wife I feel a little under prepared.
I missed the last two events and so am a little out of touch with the local meta on a competitive scene so I will be sticking with the 8 TIE swarm I have been talking about recently as it is the list I am most practiced with and I don’t expect to see anyone else running all 8.
I am relatively confidant I will be able to go in to each game with a chance so it’s just going to be down to how I play on the day and if I can keep a competitive mindset for up to six games in one day!
Don’t worry though folks a review of the event and how I get on will follow even if I lose all 4 games!

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