X-Wing: Well I gave 3PO and R2 a go on the Falcon the other day.

Another quick one talking about the Falcon build I posted earlier.

Hi all,

So I got a couple of games in with a slight variant on the Falcon build I posted Here.

Ended up playing 100 points so it was a basic Han Shoots First list with;

Never Tell Me The Odd’s

100 points


Han Solo (58)
YT-1300 (46), R2-D2 (4), C3-PO (3), Millennium Falcon (1), Shield Upgrade (4)

Rookie Pilot (21)

Rookie Pilot (21)

I purposely wanted to stress test this falcon and was up against a 3 Bounty Hunter list so I knew I had a lot of Hit points to chew through.

I was fairly slack with the Rookies to be honest, I deployed them of centre to the left of the lard with the plan of either having Han of Far left to cruse up that flank with all three or depending on his Deployment I could place the Falcon in the canter and just try to dominate the middle early wight he 360 Fire from the Falcon.

He went 2 Firespray’s on the left flank and one on the Right facing right to left so I went for the Centre Deployment with Han wanting to avoid an early Joust and hoping to force him to turn in early with the lone Firespray.

Now I am going to blame the fact that I wanted to just concentrate on Stress testing how durable this Falcon could be but I really miss flew the Rookie’s and the move that was supposed to draw in behind Han to give him support just did not work.  I did got one good round of shooting off with everything though and stripped all the shields down from 1 Bounty hunter and got some good damage on him.

After that though I was really badly positioned and they just over flew them and used the rear fire arch to take them both out at range band 1.  This left Han against 3 Bounty Hunters although 1 of them was very badly damaged.

I basically got exactly what I wanted and the Falcon took a pounding and just kept on putting out the Damage.  The Firespray’s 2 Evade dice and the Evade action is really nice on a Large ship but the Re-rolls from Han kept me consistently getting 1 point of damage through whilst I was using my Evade and C-3PO to negate a lot of the damage coming at me.

I had taken down the Damaged Bounty Hunter with ease and then forced him to split the remaining two with some creative piloting forcing him to chose landing on asteroids to stay close or break off.
So I took down the a Second Friespray leaving him with only 2 Hull remaining whilst I had a Shield and 2 Hull remaining.

Unfortunately whilst on the brink of Victory I released I had miss judged a turn and my hard one left me about a Millimetre of the board edge!

There was really no excuse, I was just lazy I had just left the 1 Ahead on the Dial from my last move as I was concentrating on taking down the closest Bounty Hunter when if I had stood up and looked at the table a 1 Bank Left would have left me more than enough room whilst leaving me in almost the same position.  Then I would have been more than confidant of taking down the last Bounty Hunter with the Evade action from the Falcon Title and 3PO being almost guaranteed to negating the incoming fire.

In conclusion, I really like the build for the Falcon.  We discussed if Chewbacca would have been a better crew choice than R2 as he just negates a damage card and restore a shield with no risk.
Personally I like the fact that R2 just keeps working. Yes it is risky as you can Crit yourself but it’s only a 3/8 chance and you still get the shield back.

So in the Words of any good Corellian”Never tell me the odd’s”

I will be using it again and next time will try to not throw away the X-Wings too early…

Changes I have considered are the addition of an Engine Upgrade instead of the Extra shield or Dropping down to Chewbacca rather than Han to free up points and add even more Tankyness? What do you guys think?

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